Complex information made visible

Freelance data visualisation professional...

As a freelance data visualisation professional, I design and support data stories, (annual) reports, scientific  publications and dashboards (business intelligence). I also advise and coach datateams with effectively visualising data, setting up reporting and designing dashboards. 

...with a love for data ethics

How can we make sure that a visual represents the data? And that data won't have negative impact or side effects. These can be minor issues: does the visualisation truly reflect the essence of the data (or is it maybe a bit misleading)? But also larger issues like ineffective or rigid use of data-driven targets which make employees feel undervalued. Or refusing customers based on an algorithm without really knowing how such a decision was made. Prejudice can unknowingly end up in an algorithm, how can you monitor this and have the proper checks and balances in place to make sure negative impact is managed properly.

I am open to a diverse range of projects and I love to be challenged, both intellectually and creatively. I am curious and love to work in multidisciplinary teams. 

Feel free to reach out to me at info@visuallogic.nl or fill in the contact form on the contact page.