27 juli 2020
TTEITI Banner Rigged for Reform

Storytelling with scrollmotion

For TTEITI we developed a data story. For the data visualisation we used both static graphs and more dynamic ones with scrollmotion effects in Shorthand. This project won an award for best Business project.
16 juli 2020
Twente milieu

Context in de afvalbak

Twente milieu publiceerde in hun jaarcijfers een aantal grafieken om aan te geven dat de afval inzameling al jaren daalt. De grafieken zijn een beetje misleidend. In deze blog leggen we uit waarom.
26 november 2019

The TTEITI Project: making things interactive without programming

In this blog we share our experience with data visualisation in the shorthand tool. We had a steep learning curve and we love to share our experience with others.
19 november 2019
TTEITI lijn grafiek

The TTEITI Project: why should I care?

In October 2019 TEITI published a story on the challenges in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago. We developed all the illustrations and (interactive) data visualisations. It was a fun, interesting and slightly stressful project and we will share our experience in a couple of blogs. The […]